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As a postpartum care coordinator, babysitter, caregiver, housekeeping
/house cleaning service specialist, we are here to care for mothers and newborns in need of postpartum care, young children in need of mother's care, parents, patient & guardian, and busy housewives "like a family".
I want to be together “like a family”. If you need help, contact us!


1. Qualifications of HAPPY CARE Coordinators:

Our experienced and proven coordinators are here to help.

  • Completion of Postpartum Doula/Caregiver theory & practical Training

  • Holding a Postpartum Doula/Caregiver certificate

  • Caregiver (including IHSS) theoretical and hands on training

  • Extensive On-Site Experience

  • Immunization (T-dap, Hepatitis B, flu shot, COVID-19)

  • Tuberculosis Response Test, COVID-19 Test

2. Booking and application process

Step 1. Consultation by phone or e-mail

Step 2. Coordinator Selection

Step 3. Confirmation after interview with client and coordinator

Step 4. Complete an online application

Step 5. Reservation payment through the company payment system

Step 6. Service start

Payment method: See the bottom of the site.

 We Hire

We are always open! Contact Us!

  • Areas of recruitment:
    Postpartum care coordinator, babysitter, caregiver, housekeeping/house cleaning service specialist


  • Working Hours:
    Full Time/Part Time, Commute / Live-in, Adjustable Schedule(1day work, Live-in + Coummute), Long Distance / Out-of-State Service


  • Working Area: All States in the USA

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