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Caregiver Service

The caregiver will go to the home, hospital or nursing home to provide a helping hand. 

Please read all policies carefully before you submit the application.

We will be the hands and feet.

On behalf of the caregiver/family who needs care services, the caregiver will go to the home, hospital or nursing home to provide a helping hand. 

We will be the hands and feet of those who need the services of the service.

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Qualifications for Caregiver
  • Employee Health Screen
  • Immunizations (T-dap, Hep B, flu shot)
  • Tuberculosis Reaction Test
  • Corona Testing / Vaccination
  • Rich on-site experience 
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Caregiver Service Details
1. Basic Services  The required services may vary depending on the patient’s health condition.
  • Support IHSS program service
  • Support personal service
  • Cleaning (Spaces used by patients, such as room, restroom, living room)
  • Patient’ Meal/Snack preparation
  • Laundry (Patient’ gown, clothes, bed sheet, towel)
  • Walk and exercise
  • Personal service support (Face, bladder treatment, bathing, hair care)
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 2. Fee  
  • Pay service fee to the caregiver directly at the end of each week or as agreed in advance.

  • If it is a long-distance/out-of-state service, the client must pay for all roundtrip transportation (ticket, baggage fee, gasoline, transportation fee, etc.) separately.

 3. Work Hours  


The schedule will be adjusted according to the client’s request, including one (1) hour break each day.


Sunday (9 AM) - Friday (9 PM). The schedule is adjustable with the coordinator and the schedule includes two (2) hours of breaks each day.

  Long Distance / Out-of-State Service  

Due to its nature, service, weekend shifts, and other

conditions can be pre-adjusted with the coordinator.

 4. Work Types  

  Personal Caregiver  

Live-in, Commute(Full time, Part time), Overnight, Temporary

  IHSS Provider  

Schedule will be adjusted according to the IHSS recipient’ monthly given hours.

 5. Etc. 
  • Client may not ask for any work that is determined at the time of the contract or that is unrelated to the caregiver's work (babysitting, meal preparation/picking up other family members, serving guest meals, making kimchi, house deep cleaning, etc.).

  • Client must inform the company whether the camera is installed or planned to be installed in the home.

  • If changes occur after the caregiver has started working (e.g., changing working hours, adding workdays, changing any conditions, etc.), please contact and discuss the company.

  • Dosing: Only medicines with physician prescription levels are available, and OTC medicines/dietary supplements are available after consultation with the family.

  • If the medicine wrapper is damaged or has expired, notify the family.

  • Apply the patch: Apply any patch with physician prescription level.

  • Inform the company in advance of guardian contact information, patient’s hospital check-up schedule, primary physician’s contact information, allergy (food, medicine, etc.), and other important information.

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