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Housekeeper Service

The Housekeeper will visit your house to help cleaning, washing, and organizinging your house.

Please read all policies carefully before you submit the application.

Do you need help?

Contact us, if one or more situations apply to you!

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It is difficult to combine work and social activities with household activities. 

I want to be perfectly good at raising young children and doing household chores. 

I need someone to help me with all the household chores such as cleaning the house, washing, washing dishes, tidying up, tidying the kitchen, cooking, etc. 

I need to clean up before and after moving and sort out the moving house... Because of my work life, it's hard to get ready for family meals every day.  

There are family gatherings (holiday, fellowship, houses, etc.) so what do I do to prepare food?  

I'm looking for someone to help me like my mom, family!

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  • We will visit your home to cook food or deliver cooked food to your home. (Free delivery service is available depending on the region.)  

  • It is sold to order side dishes, kimchi (cabbage kimchi, bachelor kimchi, cucumber so-bak).

  • Catering service available.  Meals for families can be ordered on weekdays

Housekeeper Service Details
Qualifications for Housekeeper
  • Employee Health Screen

  • Immunizations (Hep B, flu shot)

  • Tuberculosis Reaction Test

  • Corona Testing / Vaccination

  • Rich on-site experience


Visit your home to help clean your home, wash, tidy up, organize your kitchen, and more.

  Cleaning Helper  

We can clean your family home, office or before and after moving in.


We have prepared a mom's table meal using only natural seasonings. 

 1. Services  
 2. Fee  
  • Pay service fee to the housekeeper directly at the end of each week or as agreed in advance.

  • If it is a long-distance/out-of-state service, the client must pay for all roundtrip transportation (ticket, baggage fee, gasoline, transportation fee, etc.) separately.

 3. Work Hours 


Schedule will be adjusted according to the client’ request, includes one (1) hour break each day.

Sunday (9 AM) - Friday (9 PM). The schedule is adjustable with coordinator and the schedule includes two (2) hours of breaks each day.

  Long Distance / Out-of-State Service   

Due to its nature, service, weekend shifts and other conditions can be pre-adjusted with coordinator.

 4. Etc. 
  • Client may not request work (babysitting, meal preparation/picking up other family members, serving guest meals, making kimchi, house deep cleaning, etc.).

  • Client must inform the company whether the camera is installed or planned to be installed in the home.

  • If changes occur after the caregiver has started working (e.g., changing working hours, adding workdays, changing any conditions, etc.), please contact and discuss the company.

  • Inform the company in advance of contact information, allergy (food, medicine, etc.), and other important information.

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