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Babysitter Service 

We take good care of your beloved children so that they don’t feel empty with your mother’s heart. 

Please read all policies carefully before you submit the application.

Proven Babysitter

A thoroughly proven babysitter with a wealth of experience to take care of your kids.

Customized Service by Age

We support playing games, making baby food, meal/snack preparation, bathing, pickup, etc. for each age group. We take care of our children like a family, like a mother, so that they can stay safe.

  • 0 - 2 Years Old:
    The main tasks are related to the baby (disinfection of bottles, washing and cleaning baby clothes, feeding, preparing baby food, preparing meals/snacks, and managing baby room/baby supplies) and household activities are coordinated by prior consultation with the client.


  • 3 Years Old - Youth:
    The main tasks are play, snack/meal preparation, bathing (optional), and pick-up for each age group, and household activities are coordinated by prior consultation with client.


  • Other:
    You should tell the company about your child's specialties, such as his/her usual practice, play, lactation, feeding time, baby food and snack time, bath, personality, unfamiliarity, medical history, etc.

Qualifications for Babysitter
  • Employee Health Screen
  • Immunizations (T-dap, Hep B, flu shot)
  • Tuberculosis Reaction Test
  • Corona Testing / Vaccination
  • Rich on-site experience 
Babysitter Service Detail
 1. Fee  
  • Pay service fee to the babysitter directly at the end of each week or as agreed in advance.

  • If it is a long-distance/out-of-state service, the client must pay for all roundtrip transportation (ticket, baggage fee, gasoline, transportation fee, etc.) separately.

 2. Work Hours 


The schedule will be adjusted according to the client’s request, including one (1) hour break each day.


Sunday (9 PM) - Friday (9 PM). The schedule can be adjusted by consultation and includes two (2) hours of breaks each day.

  Long Distance / Out-of-State Service   

Due to its nature, service, weekend shifts, and other conditions can be pre-adjusted with the coordinator.

 3. Etc.  
  • Client may not ask for work that is determined at the time of the contract or that is unrelated to the babysitter's job duties. (pickup other families, serving guest meals, making kimchi, house deep cleaning, etc.).

  • Client must inform the company whether the camera is installed or planned to be installed in the home.

  • Changes related to work after the user or babysitter has started working (e.g.; if there is a change in working hours, additional working days, changes in business details, etc.), please contact the company and discuss.

  • Inform the company in advance of guardian contact information, your child's hospital check-up schedule, your allergy (food, medicine, etc.), and other important information.

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