Babysitter Service 

We take good care of your beloved children so that they don’t feel empty with your mother’s heart. 

Proven Babysitter

A thoroughly proven babysitter with a wealth of experience to take care of your kids.

Customized Service by Age

We support playing games, making baby food, meal/snack preparation, bathing, pickup, etc. for each age group. We take care of our children like a family, like a mother, so that they can stay safe.

  • 0 - 2 Years Old:
    The main tasks are related to the baby (disinfection of bottles, washing and cleaning baby clothes, feeding, preparing baby food, preparing meals/snacks, and managing baby room/baby supplies) and household activities are coordinated by prior consultation with client.


  • 3 Years Old - Youth:
    The main tasks are play, snack/meal preparation, bathing (optional), and pick-up for each age group, and household activities are coordinated by prior consultation with client.


  • Other:
    You should tell the company about your child's specialties, such as his/her usual practice, play, lactation, feeding time, baby food and snack time, bath, personality, unfamiliarity, medical history, etc.

Qualifications for Babysitter
  • Employee Health Screen
  • Immunizations (T-dap, Hep B, flu shot)
  • Tuberculosis Reaction Test
  • Corona Testing / Vaccination
  • Rich on-site experience 
Babysitter Service Detail
1. Fee: 
  • Pay the babysitter directly at the end of each week or as agreed in advance. 

  • For long distance (more than 1 hour in LA), if you are out of town, you can pay for gabby, airfare (if necessary), and transportation cost to the babysitter separately.

2. Working Hours: 


Schedule will be adjusted according to the client’ request, includes one (1) hour break each day.


Sunday (9 AM) - Friday (9 PM). The schedule is adjustable with coordinator and the schedule includes two (2) hours of breaks each day.

  Long Distance / Out-of-State Service   

Due to its nature, service, weekend shifts and other conditions can be pre-adjusted with coordinator.

3. Other Items: 
  • Client may not ask for work that is determined at the time of the contract or that is unrelated to the babysitter's business (pick-up of other families, guest hospitality, kimchi dipping, hearing, etc.).

  • Client must inform the company whether the camera is installed or planned to be installed in the home.

  • Changes related to work after the user or babysitter has started working (e.g.; if there is a change in working hours, additional working days, changes in business details, etc.), please contact the company and discuss.

  • Inform the company in advance of guardian contact information, your child's hospital check-up schedule, your allergy (food, medicine, etc.), and other important information.


Phone: 213-220-6918 (Director, Nancy Moon)

213-700-6139 (Manager, Shirley Hwang)

Kakao Talk: joa2222 

Address: 621 S. Virgil Ave. Suit 460, ​Los Angeles, CA 90005

Payment Methods

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