Postpartum Doula Care Service

Doula, also known as 'Postpartum care' or 'Postnatal care', is divided into a maternity doula that helps to reduce anxiety and pain in childbirth, and a postpartum doula that helps with rapid recovery and neonatal care after childbirth.

Family-Like Warm Service

HAPPY CARE is systematically perfect for mothers who are mentally and physically struggling before and after childbirth, and a family-friendly coordinator will visit your home to help you.

Professional Postpartum Coordinator

The role of a postpartum service coordinator is crucial for newborns who are most affected after their mothers. Therefore, we will do our best to prepare the mother for the most precious and healthy future in the world with her newborn baby as she recovers normally through systematic training, experienced, and good-quality coordinators.

Qualifications for Postpartum Coordinator
  • Employee Health Screen
  • Postpartum coordinator theory and practical training
  • Possession of certificate of completion of postpartum coordinator 
  • Rich on-site experience 
  • Immunizations (T-dap, Hep B, flu shot)
  • Tuberculosis Reaction Test
  • Corona Testing / Vaccination
Systematic Services

HAPPY CARE provides the most comfortable and efficient service for the mother. In addition, you can receive customized services depending on the circumstances of your home.

Postpartum Care Service Details
1. Basic Services: The required services may vary depending on the circumstances of the home.
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Troubleshooting feeding and bedtime cycles
  • Support for healing after childbirth (emotional support, sits bath, etc.)
  • Baby supplies 
  • Baby bathing, changing clothes
  • Preparing light meal and snack
  • Accompany your baby when you go out
  • Groceries Shopping (adjustable with mother), light housekeeping
  • Other simple errands
2. Service Reservation: Service reservation will be confirmed after we receive the applications and payment. Online application is available in the website.
3. Basic Service Eligibility: Mother, father, and newborn(s) are eligible for the service.
4. Service Types:  Mixed service can be used for the service(e.g., 2 weeks for Live-in + 2 weeks for Commute).
5. Working Hours:


Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, includes one (1) hour break.


Sunday (9 AM) - Friday (9 PM). The schedule is adjustable with the coordinator and the schedule includes two (2) hours of breaks each day.

  Long Distance / Out-of-State Service   

Due to its nature, service, weekend shifts and other conditions can be pre-adjusted with coordinator.

6. Serivce Fee: Client can pay weekly service fee to the coordinator directly.
7. Long-distance / Out-of-State Services: Clients must pay all transportation costs (ex; round-trip transportation costs, baggage fees, gas charges, other transportation fees, etc.) separate.
8. Legal holidays: 
  • The main holidays will be closed in principle, but can be adjusted at the discretion of the clients and coordinator.
  • The service period is automatically extended, and client pays an additional fee when the coordinator worked on the holidays.
9. Other Items: 
  • Client may not ask for work that is determined at the time of the contract or that is unrelated to the coordinator's business (pick-up of other families, guest hospitality, kimchi dipping, hearing, etc.).

  • Client must inform the company whether the camera is installed or planned to be installed in the home.

  • Changes related to work after the user or coordinator has started working (e.g.; if there is a change in working hours, additional working days, changes in business details, etc.), please contact the company and discuss.

  • Inform the company in advance of guardian contact information, your child's hospital check-up schedule, your allergy (food, medicine, etc.), and other important information.


Phone: 213-220-6918 (Director, Nancy Moon)

213-700-6139 (Manager, Shirley Hwang)

Kakao Talk: joa2222 

Address: 621 S. Virgil Ave. Suit 460, ​Los Angeles, CA 90005

Payment Methods

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