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Happy Care with You

“Your Family’s Well-Being, Our Priority.”

HappyCare recommends and manages good people.

Additionally, it provides the best convenience to its employees.



“For the peace and well-being of your home, HappyCare stands by your side.”


Postpartum Doulas




Happy Care has experienced professionals for the health of postpartum mothers and children. We do our best for mothers and children who need warm hands.

Happy Care introduces trustworthy babysitters. With professional babysitters who put their children's safety and health first, we will give them confidence
Leave it to me. 🏡🌟

Our caregiver service connects experienced and trusted professionals when seeking help for the elderly, patients and people with disabilities. Caregivers treat their patients like family members and take good care of them. 🌟🤝

Do you need help with your home? Our home helpers are professional and clean. We will do everything from basic chores to cleaning and cooking. We do our best for a cleaner, more tidy home and a happier life! 🏡🌟

Happycare’s excellent customer satisfaction:

Review by Emily

Thanks to Happy Care, postpartum recovery has become so easy! The staff who care for them have provided customized support, especially after my cesarean section!

Review by John

Thank you so much for being able to take good care of my mother thanks to Happyker.
I was able to work with confidence because my mother, who was not well, took care of meals and exercise with sincerity.

Review by Sarah

It was very difficult for me as a mother and an office worker, but happy care relieved me of my worries. I was relieved because you took good care of my child.
Thank you, Happy Care!

Review by Lisa

A house that gets messy after a day Laundry, washing dishes, etc.. 
You sent me a good person, so I became really dizzy and clean in my house and heart.
It was a comfort to my hard heart.
I'm going to continue to use it in the future.

Email:, Kakao Talk: HAPPYCARE2222, Phone: LA 213-220-6918, OC 213-700-6139
Address: 936 S. Chrenchaw Blvd. STE 205, LA, CA 90019

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